Bristol based Afro-beat band Matuki are releasing their latest  7” single ‘STR002’ on December 2nd, featuring an exclusive remix by Shunya.  As each side of the record paints a juxtaposing image, Matuki drives forward making a name for themselves as Bristol’s most engaging afro-funk band. Side A ‘Sanimenteren’ showcases fiery horn melodies and liquid guitar riffs, whereas Side B ‘Injo’ morphs to electronica as Manchester producer Shunya takes the reins. Likened to the legends Fela Kuti and Afro Manding, the authentic Afro band punctured Bristol’s music scene after an exceptional debut performance at Glastonbury’s Glade Stage, blending jazz & psychedelic influences with urban-funk.
Turbo-boosted grooves and fusing Afro Manding with intoxicating Fela Kuti horn lines, Matuki creates a rhythm so deep and hypnotic, it takes you on a journey’ - Rhythm Passport

After the success of their debut performance, Matuki saw airplay from DJ Hiphoppapotamus and Miles Chambers of Lyrical Minded, BCFM, Bristol City Radio, Radio Ujima and Radio Helsinki helping their energizing sound bleed into the airwaves.   Touring the UK festival circuit, performing at Secret Garden Party, Green Man, Farmfest, Kendal Calling, Glastonbury to name a few, saw Matuki turn unassuming audiences into dancing frenzies, wherever they play...