Broken Brass Ensemble

Stutter & Twitch are proud to introduce the world famous New Orleans Jazz sound, in a light you’ve never seen before!  Combining the powers of funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul, Broken Brass Ensemble act as urban brass ambassadors, pioneering on their euphoric groove.  With a proven method in creating heroic melodies and leitmotifs STR003 will soar into stores, setting a warm and hopeful precedent for the New Year. 
Side A ‘Hitchhiker’, highlights the band’s innate ability to orchestrate a nostalgic New York hot jazz sound, incorporating weird, wonderful and peculiar melodies. The equally thematic Side B, contains an exclusive Hunrosa remix (Sam Vicary of Cinematic Orchestra) in the form of ‘Wind Surfing’. Hunrosa actively contorts Broken Brass’ spatial image through an ambient, electronic and down-tempo journey, without ever compromising on the band’s emotive and authoritative signature tone.

There was an undeniable feeling of fun, community and coming together when the irresistible rhythms and an abundance of high passion energy got the audience on their feet’ – Time Out

With origins from the Netherlands, Broken Brass Ensemble have been firing up a storm all over Europe with an energising and eclectic aesthetic, pairing punchy basses with hard-hitting brass.  The enigmatic eight-piece have conquered most of Europe maintaining an omnipresence as the summer circuit's New Orleans Brass band; a feat that has translated to their Dutch fan base with overwhelming success.  In addition, the globetrotting act has sold out UK venues in Manchester, London, Exeter and Norwich on merit alone, with airtime from Reform Radio, Craig Charles Funk and Soul and Radio Decibel.  Boasting more than 300 shows under their belt, and no signs of stopping, Broken Brass Ensemble has most definitely become a live force to be reckoned with.